Welcome to Agatha Agnus Blac’s book review and readers’ advisory blog.

This website’s author currently wishes to remain anonymous; hence the overtly obnoxious pen name. The author apologies, hopes she someday will have more self-confidence, but also asks that you get over it.

The author wants you to know that if you’re visiting this part of the website, you’re missing all the good stuff, which is on the main pages filled with reviews of books.

Some of the reviews are kindly-worded, totally-sincere recommendations, urging you drop everything and obtain a copy of that particular book as quickly as possible. Some of the reviews are general reflections regarding the contents or structure of a particular book.

All in all, Agnus believes books can change the world (emphasis on can, my fellow readers). But the author doesn’t often spend much time on books she doesn’t find inspiring, and she doesn’t feel quite confident enough to tear down another artist’s attempts at greatness. So she’ll keep the negative comments near to nonexistence.

Anyway. If you have any words of wisdom, complaints, or other general comments to add, please feel free to utilize the LEAVE A REPLY function at the bottom of each page…you know how it do it.

Agnus can also be reached via Twitter (https://twitter.com/agathaagnusblac), which she uses as a stories scratchpad.




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