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The following are in order of their posting dates, with the most recent posts at the top. The dates included in the posts’ titles are the dates Agnus consumed the content reviewed in each posting.

Rhys, Jean_Wide Sargasso Sea jane eyre retold | 2020.01.18

Honeyman, Gail_Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine polite independence | 2019.11.02

Wolff, Tobias_This Boy's Life a mother’s right to safety | 2019.10.12

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues_Robbins, Tom social deformities of the thumb | 2019.09.24

Westover, Tara_Educated rewriting history | 2019.09.14

Stephenson, Neal_Snow Crash the language disease | 2019.08.15

Martine, Arkady_A Memory Called Empire cultural preservation | 2019.08.30

Jacques, Lob_Snowpiercer 1 The Escape perpetual rat-race | 2019.08.17

Tamblyn, Amber_Any Man difficult discussions | 2019.07.20

Le Guin, Ursula K_Changing Planes anthro-shorts | 2019.08.22

Yuknavitch, Lidia_The Chronology of Water not the story you made | 2019.06.28

Alderman, Naomi_The Power overgrown anger | 2019.07.13

Thomas, Angie_The Hate U Give brushing the third act | 2019.04.21

Steinbeck, John_The Grapes of Wrath identifying the enemy | 2018.07.23

Laymon, Kiese_Heavy emergencies of addiction | 2019.04.22

Stryker, Susan_Transgender History expanding the perspective | 2019.05.19

Le Guin, Ursula K_The Word for World is Forest (2) no takebacks| 2019.06.16

VanderMeer, Jeff_Borne the reflection pool of motherhood| 2018.06.29

Conley, Garrad_Boy Erased reclaiming personal identity| 2019.05.10

Oluo, Ijeoma_So You Want to Talk About Race striving for awareness| 2019.02.17

VanderMeer, Jeff_Annihilation trumpets of nature | 2019.03.24

Oates, Joyce Carol_Blonde  perceptions of beauty | 2019.03.09

Burgess, Anthony_A Clockwork Orange the orangest of prose writing | 2019.03.26

Ball, Jesse_Census conquering death to spite english | 2019.01.21

Orlean, Susan_The Library Book why books matter | 2019.02.09

Saslow, Eli_Rising Out of Hatred looking over the fence of hatred | 2019.02.06

Heinlein, Robert A_Stranger in a Strange Land  grokking a wrongness in micro aggressions | 2019.01.19

walton, jo_among others  magical memory carpets | 2019.01.07

delany, samuel r._dhalgren  ulysses’s evil twin | 2018.12.22

hilton, james_lost horizon  the evolution of speculative fiction | 2018.09.18

Ondaatje, Michael_Anil's Ghost  exquisitely orchestrated prose | 2018.11.04

Le Guin, Ursula K_Steering the Craft  books on writing | 2018.07.24

Follett, Ken_The Pillars of the Earth  out from under Jane Austen’s skirts | 2018.07.11

Christensen, Kate_Blue Plate Special  the art of relatability | 2018.06.26

Rakoff, David_Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish_ A Novel  a dr. seussian tragedy | 2018.04.30

Engdahl, Sylvia Louise_This Star Shall Abide  hiding from the masses | 2018.09.01

Le Guin, Ursula K_No Time to Spare  grieving the last page | 2018.10.23

Le Guin, Ursula K_A Wizard of Earthsea the true naming convention | 2018.04.07

Krakauer, Jon_Missoula  presumptions of innocence | 2018.04.24

Le Guin, Ursula K_The Left Hand of Darkness  no gender needed | 2018.02.27

Le Guin, Ursula K_The Lathe of Heaven  dreaming of a better place | 2018.01.29

Le Guin, Ursula K_The Dispossessed  time and politics | 2018.02.09

Partanen, Anu_The Nordic Theory of Everything struggling for independence | 2018.08.16

Atwood, Margaret_The Handmaid's Tale  lest we forget | 2018.03.29

Asimov, Isaac_Foundation  “conquest by missionary” | 2018.08.04

Miller Jr., Walter M._A Canticle for Leibowitz  eat your heart out, history | 2018.03.24

Wright, Robert_Why Buddhism is True  the right to rage | 2018.08.07

NIven, Larry_Ringworld  engineering wonderland | 2018.02.19

Cline, Ernest_Ready Player One  virtual takeover | 2018.06.27

Lewis, Sinclair_It Can't Happen Here  in solidarity we… | 2018.01.31

Heller, Joseph_Catch-22  the freedom to read | 2018.04.11

Newitz, Annalee_Autonomous  sentient prejudice | 2018.05.03

Book Jacket_Goldman, William.The Princess Bride  fantastical | 2015.10.02

Book Jacket_Shakespeare, Nicholas.Priscilla  women in history | 2015.08.09





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